Chris Walker-Hebborn: The Pressures of Swimming

In this blog we will be taking a look at what Chris Walker-Hebborn has to say about swimming pressure! Chris Walker-Hebborn

This will include... 

  • How he coped with the pressure he put on himself
  • The pressure from competion environments
  • And how the pressure was competing at the Olympics! 
Thanks again to Chris Walker-Hebborn for sharing your experiences with us! 

Read more about Chris' experience today! 

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5 Confessions of a Swim Parent

In this blog we will be taking a look at 5 Confessions of a Swim Parent... Swim Parent

This blog will include... 

  • The things that ALL Swim Parent Know
  • The thoughts that sometimes can't help but be thought...
  • The realities of being a swim parent! 

Read more to find out! 

All Swim Parents have these confessions... can you relate? 

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Rob’s Arena League Round Up: Round 2

In this blog Rob from team ProSwimwear talks about his experience in the Arena League! Rob

This blog will include... 

  • A Q and A with Rob
  • He talks about what the first round was like
  • And what we can expect in the second round of the Arena League!

Read more to get an inside look at the Arena League!

Thanks to Rob from Team ProSwimwear, and good luck to everyone competing in the up and coming events! 

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A Look Back: The Iron War

In this blog we will be taking a look back at the Iron War!  Dave and Mark

This was one of the most phenomenal rivalries to take place in Ironman history! 

The story of how Dave Scott and Mark Allen battled for the Ironman Crown for years... 

We recount the whole story in our latest blog! 

Including the thrilling conclusion to this epic friendly, rivalry! 

Don't miss it - Read more now to find out what happened in this iconic series of events!

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An Olympic Swimmer’s Worst Nightmare: A Real-Life Horror Story by Chris Walker-Hebborn

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us here at ProSwimwear! Chris Walker-Hebborn

In this blog we have a spoooooky swimming story that will make you clutch your goggles for dear life!

This scary story is told to us by none other than Chris Walker-Hebborn!

He shares his real life scariest experience in the water... 

And that scariest part? 

It took place at the Olympics! 

Read more about this scary story in the blog... If you dare! 

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Superhero Spotlight: Minna Atherton

NEWS ALERT: In this weeks edition of the Superhero Spotlight we take a look at... Minna Atherton! Minna

In this blog you will find out... 

  • Why she is in the Spotlight
  • What her incredible achievements are
  • And then realise she's achieving it all at 19! 

She has been performing incredibly at the ISL lately, and we are proud to give her the spotlight!

Read the full blog to find out more...

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The ISL Round Up: Big Waves in Budapest

In this blog we will be taking a look at the recent ISL event in Budapest!   Budapest

We will be looking at... 

  • The stand outs from each event 
  • Which team is scoring highest
  • Who the stand out players of the weekend are! 

So, if you want to find out more about this weekend's most recent ISL...

Then read more in our latest blog! 

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5 Habits of Successful Swimmers

In our blog today we will be looking at 5 of the habits that makes a successful swimmer. Peaty

We will be talking about... 

  • What habits make a successful swimmer
  • Why you should be practicing them 
  • Why they are important 

If you've ever wondered what things you should be practicing daily to get closer to success...

Then read our blog to find out more! 

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